Sunday, 30 September 2007


I watched as HE approached her…

She was instantly alert, and her posture changed. She raised her head and flicked her hair back in a casual gesture. She was aware of HIS eyes on her as HE moved towards her but she pretended not to notice.

The guy standing with her paused in mid-sentence and a frown covered his face as he tried to understand the sudden sense of alertness that surrounded her. With a small shake of his head, he continued what he was saying although the look of puzzlement remained on his face. As he finished his sentence, she laughed and swung around in perfect timing to come face to face with HIM.

At once, she re-organised her features so that the laughter turned to mild surprise. She extended her hand and rested it lightly on HIS chest as if to regain her balance.

Slowly, she raised not her head, but her eyes up towards HIS and looked at HIM from under her eye lashes. With a motion of utter seduction, she bit her lower lip as a sign of hesitation, and then she extended her lips into an inviting smile.

HE greeted her with a kiss that landed too close to her smiling lips. She laughed again, and then wrapped her arms around HIS body in a close hug. The other guy was long forgotten.

A gentle smile appeared on HIS face.

HE bent HIS head down and said something in her ear which made her laugh for the third time. At that precise moment, HE raised HIS eyes and looked straight into mine with a burning intensity.

Everything and everyone seemed to vanish and for a moment, nothing remained but our locked eyes. I felt the heat of HIS gaze and wanted the earth to shake with the trembling of my body.

Turning HIS attention back to the female in HIS arms, HE pretended to pick a non-existing leaf out of her hair. Playing along, she thanked HIM appreciatively despite the fact that we both knew, that HIS only intention was to run HIS fingers through her hair. HE looked up at me again wanting to see the affects of HIS actions on me. I gave nothing away.

HE tilted HIS head, and narrowed HIS eyes in annoyance at the lack of a reaction on my part. I watched with blankness as the side of HIS jaw tightened. I knew that HE was waiting for nothing more than a tiny twitch of my own lips. I did not grant HIM the feeling of satisfaction that HE sought.

Instead, I dimpled my cheek with a smile and held HIS gaze. By now, HIS eyes were hurling daggers in my direction and colour was rising into HIS face.

But enough was enough…

With an elegant toss of my own hair, I turned around gracefully to hide the welling tears that blinded my eyes...And with an ultimate and controlled poise, I walked away into the night.